Skilled Trades in Buchanan, MI

August 31st, 2014

CNC Tool & Die Maker/Machinists are being sought for in the Buchanan MI area with a minimum of 2 years experience in hands on Tool & Die Making. This position requires the individual to be self-motivated, active and attentive to details. Qualified candidates would also need to be computer literate. Duties would include but not limited to: Die fabrication, tooling fabrication, polishing, machining and light maintenance duties. Must be able to bring own tools and be proficient with manual Bridgeport mill, manual Lathe, surface grinder, OD grinder and Arbor/Shop Press. Wage is depending on experience. Please contact Wood Staffing today for these immediate positions or call 574-234-6767 or 269-925-6767.

Wood Temporary Staffing is accepting applications for a Production Scheduler/Planner with a minimum of 2 years production planning in a manufacturing environment. Qualified candidates must have strong mathematical/statistical skills with an understanding of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), excellent written and verbal communication, proficient with Excel and overall computer skills. Reports to the President and is responsible for preparing, planning and scheduling all production requirements for all operations on both shifts. Wage is depending on experience.  For additional information please contact Rena Graham at 574-968-1411 or 269-605-4131.

 A Quality Control Manager position is now available with ISO/OSHA standards and requirements including 5 years of quality related experience and at least 3 years in a QC management position. Must be able to utilize quality tools such as 8D and have a strong background in auditing, both internally as well as outside vendors. Candidates to have strong written, verbal and analytical problem solving skills, process improvement such as Lean, Kaisan or 5S, be computer literate and proficient with Microsoft Office. Must be able to read blueprints, devise and establish a company’s quality procedures, standards and specifications, set up and maintain controls and documentation procedures and have the ability to work as a team or independently. Qualified candidates are responsible for auditing departments to ensure ISO 9001 is met, completing customer requested quality documents and manage the Quality Department personnel. Wage is depending on experience. Please apply online today for this great opportunity!

Wood Staffing is currently looking for an Engineer with a degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Qualified candidates must have strong analytical skills, problem solving, strong computer skills including microsoft office programs, good organizational skills and solid verbal and written communication skills. Experience with induction heating, machining or machine tools, manufacturing planning, lean manufacturing/value stream mapping and tooling experience are preferred requirements. Job functions will be forging process developement and improvements, gage identification, procurement, design and implementation supporting the Quality and Production department. Maintaining knowledge of current product flow between work centers and understanding total company capabilities to help identify interdivisional  opportunities or limitations. Wage is depending on experience. For more information please contact Wood Temporary Staffing today or apply online at

Please feel free to browse our open jobs today to find all the jobs available for immediate placement for the right candidates.  Wood Staffing is here to help you in your search for the perfect job or career.  Our experienced staffing coordinators know exactly how to find the perfect fit for you and the companies we work for!


Six Nonverbal Clues to Be on the Lookout For in Interviews (And What They Mean)

August 24th, 2014

Sometimes what a candidate doesn’t say during a job interview can speak louder than their answers to your questions. Nonverbal cues can provide an inside look at what the candidate is actually thinking ─ rather than basing your decision solely on their well-rehearsed responses.

Before conducting your next job interview, be sure to familiarize yourself with the following six important nonverbal cues:

1)      Handshake: Not only is it polite to greet the candidate with a handshake, it can also tell you a lot about them. A firm, solid grasp is a sign of confidence, while a weak grip can indicate insecurity.

2)      Grooming: It goes without saying that candidates are expected to look professional for a job interview. Those who show up appearing flawless, clearly respect you and want to make a good first impression. However, if a person is dressed inappropriately or appears disheveled, they don’t really want the job.

3)      Eye Contact: Maintaining good eye contact throughout the interview is a sign of honesty and respect. While the candidate should not stare at you intensely, they should look you in the eyes as much as possible when either of you are talking. Anyone who fails to sustain a proper level of eye contact may be dishonest or filled with self-doubt.

4)      Smiling: While it may appear insignificant, the amount of times a person smiles during the interview can be very telling. Candidates who are excited at the possibility of coming to work for your company will smile at least a few times during the interview, displaying their enthusiasm. If a person fails to smile at all, this may indicate a lack of interest in the position.

5)      Posture: The way a candidate chooses to sit can speak loudly on their confidence level. Anyone sitting on the edge of their seat likely feels insecure, while those who slouch may be disinterested in the interview. The best candidates will sit up straight, in a natural looking manner.

6)      Arm Crossing: It may appear harmless, but when a person crosses their arms during a job interview, this can be indicative of a number of negative characteristics, including arrogance and defensiveness. The best candidates simply position their arms to the side in a relaxed manner.

Searching for top talent in Michiana? Contact Wood Staffing today. We help companies throughout Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana find the best person for their open positions ─ and fast! Contact us to learn more!

General Production in St. Joseph, MI

August 17th, 2014

Southwest Michigan Production Facilities have various job opportunities for experienced and qualified candidates and Wood Temporary Staffing is working hard to fill these positions including many more that are available on our job board.  Currently Wood Staffing is searching for:

Recent Job Opportunities

General Warehouse – St. Joseph, MI

General Warehouse positions are available f or 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift openings.  These positions will involve loading and unloading skids, loading windows for machine operators, visual inspection, packing and using a pallet jack. This is  a physical position doing lifting, bending and twisting and must be able to keep up with the pace of the machine. Pay rate is $8.50 per hour.

Web Press Operators – St. Joseph, MI

Immediate 2nd & 3rd shift openings for a St. Joseph, MI printing company. This position will do line off loading, stacking pallets and visual inspection. Must be able to lift 30-40lbs regularly and up to 70lbs on occasion and be able to keep up with the pace of the machines and be able to work 8-12 hour shifts depending on production needs. A stable work record and reliable transportation are preferred and these are temp to hire positions with a pay rate of $9.25 per hour plus a .45 cent shift premium.


Fulfillment Dept Workers – St. Joseph, MI

Local fulfillment center currently has a need for an experienced individual to do counting, packing and visual inspection. This is a long term temp position working Monday-Friday 7am-3pm and overtime when needed with a starting wage of  $8.00 per hour.


Mail Dept workers – St. Joseph, MI

Mail department positions available for 1st shift 7am-3pm Monday-Friday with a starting wage of $8.50 per hour. Duties include line tending, putting items coming off the machines into mail bags and mail totes and doing visual inspections for mail addresses, etc. Must be able to lift 30-40lbs regularly and up to 75lbs on occassion and be able to keep up with the pace of the machines.

Maintenance Technician - St. Joseph, MI

Wood Temporary Staffing is looking for a Maintenance Technician to install, troubleshoot and repair equipment problems both electrical and mechanical while working with other departments to ensure production needs are met. Qualified candidates must be able to weld, braze, do plumbing, carpentry and sheet metal work. A master level electrician and HVAC Tech with a one year certificate from a college or a technical school are highly preferred. Hours are 7am-3pm Monday-Friday and the starting wage is $21 per hr.

Look to The Wood Companies to fulfill your career dreams and feel free to browse our many other open jobs that are currently available.  Our experienced staffing coordinators know exactly how to find the right fit for you and our clients. If you would like to apply for these positions or any other positions we have available, please go to to apply online or call us at 269-925-6767 to inquire.

How to Transition Your Career into Management

August 10th, 2014

Some people are born leaders. If you’ve spent years mastering the skills needed to excel in your field, you might be ready to take on a new challenge ─ a management role.

Managers are needed to lead and inspire employees in all industries and professions. While everyone doesn’t have the skills or desire to work in a leadership or supervisory position, many people find such positions deeply rewarding. However, these roles can be very competitive, so it’s important to position yourself as the best possible candidate, to make it clear that you’re definitely leadership material.

Trying to work your way up the career ladder? Use the following five tips to position yourself for management:

1)      Behave Like a Leader: Volunteer to take on additional work to show your manager that not only can you handle additional responsibilities ─ you can thrive. Position yourself as the employee who can be counted on to always get the job done right.

2)      Make Yourself Known: Increase your chances of advancing to a management role by making a name for yourself in the company. Seek training or certification opportunities to advance your skills, to make a name for yourself as someone who excels at their job. It’s also a good idea to take every opportunity to network, such as attending work happy hours, group lunches and other company-sponsored social outings.

3)      Empower Others: As a manager you’ll need to learn to motivate your team to do their best work. Start practicing for this role now by becoming a source of encouragement for your colleagues. Determining the best ways to inspire others now will help you down the road.

4)      Seek Feedback: Talk with a trusted advisor, such as a former manager, to discover areas where you excel and those you should work to further develop. If you’re able to identify places for improvement now, you can seek the necessary experience to gain a competitive advantage in the future.

5)      Mirror Qualities You Admire: Think about the positive qualities of your former managers and try to incorporate them into your behaviorisms. Try to remember things like how they earned your trust, treated you with respect and listened to your ideas. Model yourself after these admired leaders and you’re sure to be noted as a top contender for management.

Looking for a challenging new career opportunity in Michiana? Contact Wood Staffing today. We help thousands of job seekers throughout Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana find rewarding new positions with the area’s top employers each year. Browse our open jobs in Michiana today, or contact us to learn more!

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