How to Stay Motivated in a Temp Job

September 21st, 2014

If you’re searching for a permanent position, you may be less than thrilled at the idea of taking on a job with a defined end date. At first glance, temporary and contract positions may seem like a dead end, but in reality, it’s the opposite ─ they actually have the power to jumpstart your career.

Whether you’re hoping to be offered a permanent position at the end of your contract or are simply using the job as a way to earn money and gain experience, temporary work can be exactly what you need to take your career to the next level.

Four Tips to Stay Motivated in a Temp Job

Having a little trouble staying motivated in your temporary position? It can be challenging to remain enthused about a job you know you won’t be holding for too long. Rather than allowing yourself to become discouraged, focus on the following ways to stay inspired:

  1. Build Your Network: Build connections with as many people as possible at your temp job. Make a lasting impression with your hard work, quick thinking and winning personality. You never know who may be willing to serve as a reference or recommend you for other positions in the future.
  2. Learn New Skills: Take every opportunity you have to learn new skills. Volunteer to take on extra projects and tasks that could help increase your marketability in the future.
  3. Keep Your Resume Current: Consider the value your temp job brings to your resume. When you begin looking for your next position, you won’t have any employment gaps to explain to hiring managers.
  4. Plan Your Next Move: There are a lot of great things about temp jobs, including the ability to try out a variety of different roles to see where you’re happiest. If you don’t like the job, you have an end date in sight to look towards. However, if you do enjoy the work you’ve been doing, use this knowledge to find a permanent position you’re passionate about.

Looking for a fresh start in the Michiana area? Contact Wood Staffing today. We help thousands of job seekers throughout Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana find rewarding new positions with the area’s top employers each year.

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Job Fair in Partnership with Walsworth Publishing

September 10th, 2014

On Tuesday September 16 Wood Temporary Staffing will be holding a job fair at the Watervliet District Library located at 333 N Main St, Watervliet.  The job fair will be from 11AM to 1PM and will focus on openings at Walsworth such as Web Press Helpers, Fulfillment, Binding, Forklift, Machine Operation, and General Production, though one can apply for any open positions.  More information can be found in the Watervliet Library job fair flyer.

How to Make the Most of Every Opportunity

September 7th, 2014

There are a lot of very talented professionals in the Michiana area, so competition for highly coveted positions can be intense. To achieve your career goals you must work hard to make the most of every situation. If you always put the extra effort in, you’re sure to make a positive impression on all the right people.

Never Miss a Chance to Advance Your Career

No matter where you currently are in your career, you should always be working hard to get to the next level. Learn how to make the most out of every opportunity:

  1. Job Search: It’s essential to make sure your cover letter and resume accurately depict you as a top candidate, as this is the first impression you’ll make on potential employers. In addition to proofreading these documents, do your best to personalize them for each and every position. This shows the hiring manager that you’re genuinely interested in the job, not just applying for every open position out there.
  2. Job Interview: Take each and every job interview very seriously, because you never know where it may lead. Always prepare in advance by researching the company and developing responses to common interview questions. On the day of the interview, allow plenty of time to get to the meeting, dress professionally, show your enthusiasm for the job and ask questions to demonstrate your interest. Even if the hiring manager decides you’re not the best fit for the position, you may be called back to interview for another more suitable job if you make a good impression.
  3. Temp Job: While you may only be there for a short period of time, it’s always advisable to treat a temp job like a permanent position. Show up on time for work each day, give every task your full effort, get to know your colleagues and volunteer to take on additional projects you’re interested in. Making a great impression at a temp job may lead to a permanent position at the company or lasting connections who can help further your career.
  4. Permanent Position: Never stop working hard to show your employer they made a good choice in deciding to hire you. Do your best to fit into the company culture, dress in a presentable manner, treat your colleagues well, own your mistakes and always be willing to pitch in during a crisis. When you’re known as a hard worker who can always be counted on to get the job done right, you’re in the perfect position to move up in the company.

Looking for an exciting new career opportunity in Michiana? Contact Wood Staffing today. We help thousands of job seekers throughout Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana find rewarding positions each year with some of the area’s top employers. Let us help you!

Skilled Trades in Buchanan, MI

August 31st, 2014

CNC Tool & Die Maker/Machinists are being sought for in the Buchanan MI area with a minimum of 2 years experience in hands on Tool & Die Making. This position requires the individual to be self-motivated, active and attentive to details. Qualified candidates would also need to be computer literate. Duties would include but not limited to: Die fabrication, tooling fabrication, polishing, machining and light maintenance duties. Must be able to bring own tools and be proficient with manual Bridgeport mill, manual Lathe, surface grinder, OD grinder and Arbor/Shop Press. Wage is depending on experience. Please contact Wood Staffing today for these immediate positions or call 574-234-6767 or 269-925-6767.

Wood Temporary Staffing is accepting applications for a Production Scheduler/Planner with a minimum of 2 years production planning in a manufacturing environment. Qualified candidates must have strong mathematical/statistical skills with an understanding of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), excellent written and verbal communication, proficient with Excel and overall computer skills. Reports to the President and is responsible for preparing, planning and scheduling all production requirements for all operations on both shifts. Wage is depending on experience.  For additional information please contact Rena Graham at 574-968-1411 or 269-605-4131.

 A Quality Control Manager position is now available with ISO/OSHA standards and requirements including 5 years of quality related experience and at least 3 years in a QC management position. Must be able to utilize quality tools such as 8D and have a strong background in auditing, both internally as well as outside vendors. Candidates to have strong written, verbal and analytical problem solving skills, process improvement such as Lean, Kaisan or 5S, be computer literate and proficient with Microsoft Office. Must be able to read blueprints, devise and establish a company’s quality procedures, standards and specifications, set up and maintain controls and documentation procedures and have the ability to work as a team or independently. Qualified candidates are responsible for auditing departments to ensure ISO 9001 is met, completing customer requested quality documents and manage the Quality Department personnel. Wage is depending on experience. Please apply online today for this great opportunity!

Wood Staffing is currently looking for an Engineer with a degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Qualified candidates must have strong analytical skills, problem solving, strong computer skills including microsoft office programs, good organizational skills and solid verbal and written communication skills. Experience with induction heating, machining or machine tools, manufacturing planning, lean manufacturing/value stream mapping and tooling experience are preferred requirements. Job functions will be forging process developement and improvements, gage identification, procurement, design and implementation supporting the Quality and Production department. Maintaining knowledge of current product flow between work centers and understanding total company capabilities to help identify interdivisional  opportunities or limitations. Wage is depending on experience. For more information please contact Wood Temporary Staffing today or apply online at

Please feel free to browse our open jobs today to find all the jobs available for immediate placement for the right candidates.  Wood Staffing is here to help you in your search for the perfect job or career.  Our experienced staffing coordinators know exactly how to find the perfect fit for you and the companies we work for!


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