CNC Machinists in Michiana

April 13th, 2014

The Wood Companies are looking for qualified and dependable Okuma Lathe Machinists for a 1st shift position working  4:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Sunday with 1 day off during the week. Qualified candidates must have previous CNC Lathe or CNC Mill experience. This is a temp to hire position starting at $10.00 an hour for entry level skills and is open to a higher starting wage if the person’s experience and qualifications merit it. Candidates will need to have their own steel toe boots. Please contact Wood Staffing today for these immediate positions or contact Teresa McCubbins at 574-234-6767 or 269-925-6767.

Wood Temporary Staffing is also looking for CNC Laser Operators with prior manufacturing experience. This position will be working 2nd shift hours from 2:00pm – 10:00pm or to midnight plus overtime as needed. This is a temp to hire position starting at $9.00 an hour and requires steel toe boots. Qualified candidates can apply online at or contact Teresa McCubbins at 574-234-6767 or 269-925-6767 for details.

Another opportunity currently in high demand are CNC Swiss Lathe machinist positions available for evening shift working 4:30pm-5:00am Monday – Wednesday and 4: 30pm-8: 30pm on Thursday. Must have previous CNC Swiss Lathe experience and the ability to call up programs and make edits as needed, read blueprints use measuring tools and perform setups. Programming and Citizen or Star Swiss Lathe experience is a plus.  This is a temp to hire position with wages depending on experience. Qualified candidates can apply online  or contact Teresa McCubbins with Wood Temporary Staffing at 574-234-6767 or 269-925-6767 for details.

These are but a few examples of job openings that are being offered to qualified candidates within the Michiana area. Please feel free to browse our open jobs today to find all the jobs available for immediate placement for the right candidates.  Wood Staffing is here to help you in your search for the perfect job or career.  Our experienced staffing coordinators know exactly how to find the perfect fit for you and the companies we work for!


When is Your Resume Too Unique?

April 6th, 2014

When searching for a job, a candidate may be tempted to create a resume that’s completely original in an attempt to grab the attention of recruiters at the best companies. However, this can backfire if the resume is so unique that it no longer highlights the skills and qualities of the individual; instead becoming a distraction. If a resume doesn’t look professional, is formatted in such a way that it doesn’t make sense, or has too many visual distractions – it’s not going to serve its intended purpose.

When a Unique Resume Goes Bad

Oftentimes, trying to be outside the box can become a bit excessive. For example, a job seeker might develop a 15-page PowerPoint presentation in an attempt to highlight their experience and appear innovative. Or, maybe a candidate creates an animated website set to music that discusses their qualifications for a job they found on Craigslist. If these methods for displaying their resume or skills were poorly executed or unprofessional, they could fail to present the candidate’s skills in a way that would garner the positive attention of a hiring manager.

Creating a Better Resume

However, job seekers should still leave themselves space to be creative with their resumes. Instead of going overboard, this creativity needs to be balanced with the basic professional structure and layout of resumes that do work well. Here are some tips for making your resume stand out while still maintaining a professional look and feel that can help you land a great job.

#1 – Use a professional resume template.

Forget about using unusual fonts, colors, and pictures on your resume. Instead, focus on writing a resume that is both professional and easy for recruiters to visually scan. Opt for a resume template that includes plenty of white space. You can, however, make your resume stand out more by printing it on higher quality resume paper, and using emboldened and italicized text to make important points stand out a little more.

#2 – Stick to clearly organized categories.

A vast majority of companies today use applicant tracking systems which capture data from the resumes that candidates upload. When writing your resume, have a simplified text version that includes the correct resume categories – including full contact information, career background and educational history. Avoid adding categories like references, awards, software knowledge, and other extraneous data that might confuse tracking systems.

#3 – Highlight top career skills and achievements.

The goal of your resume is to make your skills and career achievements stand out to recruiters. Use the top portion of the resume to include a skills section, then under each job you’ve held include your top two or three achievements. Avoid creating a resume that reads like one long job description or list of duties you’ve had in the past.

#4 – Integrate your social profiles.

You can inject a bit of creativity into your resume by including links to your social network accounts and your online portfolio. These are areas that are interesting to employers. But be careful to clean up your social profiles before you share them with a potential employer. Remove any questionable content and keep it updated with fresh, relevant comments and content that are focused on your career passions.

#5 – Know what the company wants.

There are some cases where a company may ask for job seekers to think outside the box a little more. For example, companies sometimes ask candidates to send in a resume that includes a photo or submit preview work that’s relevant to the future job tasks. In this case, create a separate document that meets these requirements and send it as a supplement to your resume. Be sure to read through the instructions, learn more about the company, and understand what they are looking for.

Now, take the time to review your own resume to determine if it’s over the top, or if it meets the above factors. Use these tips as a guide for creating a stand-out resume without being so unique that your skills and abilities get lost in the process.

If you are looking for a job in Michiana, get in touch with the recruiting team at Wood Staffing. Our years of experience have given us inside knowledge on what employers are looking for when they are hiring top talent. Search our open jobs to find your next career opportunity, or contact us for more information on how we can assist you in your career.

Production Jobs/Employment in Southwest Michigan

March 30th, 2014

Southwest Michigan Production Facilities have various job opportunities for experienced and qualified candidates and Wood Temporary Staffing is working hard to fill these skilled positions including many more that are available on our job board.  Currently Wood Staffing is searching for:

Recent Job Opportunities

CNC Tool & Die Maker – Buchanan, MI

Qualified candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience in Tool & Die Making. This position requires individuals to be self-motivated, active and attentive to details.  Qualified candidates need to be computer literate and duties include die fabrication, tooling fabrication, polishing, machining and light maintenance. Proficiency with manual bridgeport mill, manual Lathe, surface grinder, OD grinder and Arbor/Shop Press is a plus. This position requires having your own tools and the starting wage will be dependent upon your experience.

Process Technician/Injection Molded Rubber – Benton Harbor, MI

This 1st shift opportunity will be working 7am – 3pm. The Process Technician will work to develop, evaluate and improve manufacturing methods and assist in the design of new tools, repair of tools and set up of molds. Qualified candidates must have experience troubleshooting injection molded rubber presses, be experienced with blueprints and troubleshooting production processes to resolve scrap issues and molding problems to improve efficiency.  Duties will include sampling new molds, establishing machine set-up specifications, operating parameters and work instructions and assisting in mold changes as needed. This is a temp to hire position after 90 days and starting wage is $16.65/hr + depending on experience.

MIG Welders – Bridgman, MI

The Bridgman and Stevensville areas are looking for experienced MIG welders to work 1st shift hours from  7:00am – 3:30pm Monday-Friday and overtime as needed.  Qualified candidates must have a  minimum of 2 years production MIG welding experience and must supply your own welding helmet and steel toe boots/shoes.  These are temp to hire positions starting out at $13.00/hr. Teresa McCubbins is the one to call at 269-925-6767 or 574-234-6767.

Maintenance Technician - St. Joseph, MI

Wood Temporary Staffing is looking for a Maintenance Technician to install, troubleshoot and repair equipment problems both electrical and mechanical while working with other departments to ensure production needs are met. Qualified candidates must be able to weld, braze, do plumbing, carpentry and sheet metal work. A master level electrician and HVAC Tech with a one year certificate from a college or a technical school are highly preferred. Hours are 7am-3pm Monday-Friday and the starting wage is $21 per hr.

Look to The Wood Companies to fulfill your career dreams and feel free to browse our many other open jobs that are currently available.  Our experienced staffing coordinators know exactly how to find the right fit for you and our clients.

Are You Scaring Great Candidates Away?!

March 23rd, 2014

Every company aims to recruit and hire the best talent in the market. In a perfect situation, a star candidate would apply, interview and hopefully accept a job offer. But what if after the first interview, the company fails to hear from their star candidate again? It’s a very real possibility that you could be repelling great candidates before you even have a chance to demonstrate why the company has outstanding career opportunities.

If you find yourself facing this hiring predicament, it might be time to evaluate why you might be losing great candidates. Here are five potential reasons why you may be scaring off the best candidates, with solutions for turning this around.

#1 – Website Fails to Accurately Represent the Company

Just like you research a candidate’s background and experience before an interview, candidates also complete their due diligence into your company. This usually involves them reviewing your company website.  If the website is outdated or does not accurately demonstrate the values and corporate culture, it might raise concerns in the mind of the candidate. To avoid raising unnecessary red flags, ensure that your “About Us” page or the “Careers” section of the website are updated and accurately portray your company. These are areas where candidates will spend much of their research time; so, therefore, they should be used as strong selling points to attract top talent.

#2 – Social Networks Do Not Enforce Organizational Branding

Just like other business operations, social media marketing efforts should be well planned and executed. Savvy candidates often head to social media to investigate companies as social media opens a door into corporate culture and values. While every company will have a unique social media marketing strategy, consider building a strong company presence on the most popular networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Maintain consistent company branding and messaging throughout your social media which conveys your company’s values and culture. Engage with candidates on social media to give both parties an opportunity to build a rapport, potentially enticing a candidate to apply for a position or accept an interview request.

#3 – Online Job Descriptions Don’t Highlight Corporate Perks

Online job advertisements are often the first impression you make with potential candidates; how a job description is written could cause them to apply – or walk away – due to disinterest. A well-crafted job description should highlight the perks your company offers to employees. Include descriptive words that provide a glimpse into the advantages of working for your organization. Top talent wants to know what advantages your company and the available job would offer them before they decide whether to apply or interview for a job with your organization.

#4 – Not Addressing Negative Reviews

Your online reputation can play a big role in whether or not an individual decides to move forward with your company. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of online communities where employees provide reviews about the companies they work for. It’s important to monitor your reputation as a company on review sites (such as Indeed or Glassdoor) and address reviews promptly. Don’t ignore negative feedback or delete it. Instead, respond in a professional, courteous, and transparent way to open up the lines of communication where you can take it offline from the public eye. Use this as an opportunity to highlight that you are a trustworthy company that takes time to address the concerns of current and past employees to create a better environment.

#5 – Your Hiring Process Needs More Structure  

Your company may not have a well-planned or structured hiring process that addresses necessary hiring activities such as a hiring checklist, and onboarding activities. These are areas where many companies fall short. Develop a formal hiring process, or work with a staffing agency to handle sourcing, screening, and interviewing of new candidates. Use an orientation program to start employees off on the right foot.

By evaluating reasons you are losing top talent, you will be able to make corrections and avoid having more candidates walk out the door. Use the above tips as a guide to attracting more candidates and improve your hiring process. Get focused about the impression your business makes through the company website, social networks, feedback from employees and the structure of your hiring processes. This effort is well worth the investment for business sustainability. Contact the recruiting experts at Wood Staffing today to learn how we can help you recruit and hire top talent in Michiana. We look forward to hearing from you!

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